• Make your commute count.
    Make your commute count.
    8 out of 10 people travel to work by car yet 45% of adults don't exercise enough for good health. Why sit in a car when you could be getting fit?
  • For green, healthy, sustainable cities.
    For green, healthy, sustainable cities.
    Motor vehicle emissions are the single largest contributor to the pollution load, contributing to health risks and environmental damage.
  • Bikes, pedestrians & vehicles too.
    Bikes, pedestrians & vehicles too.
    We need to change our approach to transport to avoid congestion. Better paths, facilities and education is the solution, not more roads.
  • Enjoy your health & fitness stats.
    Enjoy your health & fitness stats.
    62.8% of Australians 18 years and over were overweight or obese in 2011-12 (ABS). Get active and watch your fitness improve with Freewheeler.
  • Be rewarded for your commute.
    Be rewarded for your commute.
    Owning and running cars represents a major cost, accounting for 15% of expenditure by households. Get active and be rewarded instead.
  • Get out there.
    Get out there.
    Turn your commute into an experience.
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Bicycle Network


A mobility system for healthy, active, multimodal people & cities


Get Active! Freewheeler automatically tracks your commutes, recognises transport modes & maps your trips. Earn points & rewards from local businesses for walking, cycling & public transport.



  • TDM for cities, workplaces, schools & universities


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Healthy habits

  • Active Transport: use your own two feet to get to the bus & train station, then read a book, catch up on emails or practice just breathing.
  • Turn your commute into a free gym session: No more excuses. No more traffic jams. More free time.
  • Energise your work: cycling & walking wakes you up & keeps your body humming.
  • Buy local: why drive miles to a big supermarket when you can support your local shops?
  • Happy, healthy kids: children who walk & cycle to school learn active habits for life.


Real life mobility management

  • The Freewheeler system (patented, eg US 9,390,431 B2 ; CA 2,892,367 ; AU 2013349305 ; Singapore 11201504065W ; Korea 10-1651274):
    • processes time, location and sensor (eg accelerometer & network) data from your smartphone or wearable to automatically & accurately track your commutes and determine your modes of transport
    • awards points, penalties & rewards for modes of transport & travel behaviour according to benefits criteria (eg for your health, road congestion, the environment and your community)
    • is a behaviour change and multimodal transportation demand management (TDM) platform


  • Even though it’s cold up there, Copenhageners commute by bicycle because it’s:
    • Faster
    • Affordable
    • Healthy
    • Fun
    • Sustainable